How Dynamind creates your study plan


Choose your target exam and year

Select the exam and year you want to prepare for. It will enable us in creating a study schedule that works best for you


Get curated content for the chosen time period

Dynamind will use your selection of an exam and a year to create learning materials for every day of the week during that time period


Get a well balanced study plan for enhanced learning

Dynamind allots the time needed for well-defined learning activities in order to lead you through your education and enhance your learning outcomes.


Schedule daily activities on the calendar

We'll make you a daily schedule of activities so you can do more and are less likely to miss things or get distracted

Advantages of Dynamind’s study plan

Specially curated plan for maximum retention

Periodic tests and practice for enhanced learning

Plan and schedule learning events

Performance analysis and remediation plan

In-depth Performance report

An in-depth analysis of a student's performance on the test is provided in the student performance report. In order to help students reach their ful...

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Real-time Analysis and Feedback

Real-time data and feedback are advantageous to all stakeholders involved in education. It is a crucial part of the foundation for learning in an ed...

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Compare and share Performance

Most students experience pressure when they evaluate their performance in comparison to that of others, particularly when they do so with those who ...

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Remedial Plan for weak areas

The majority of students are unaware of their own abilities and limitations. As a result, they study randomly and don't pay attention to their weakn...

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