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Why Should Your School Be Powered By Dynamind?

As a true partner of your school, Dynamind is one of the leading education service providers in India, offering a dynamic suite of academic support, services and solutions to schools.

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What Do We Offer?


Mentors can onboard their mentees on Dynamind according to their class and division to facilitate collaborative learning.


Mentors can easily organize and manage their classes with Dynamind, saving time and effort.

Collaboration is simplified and streamlined, allowing for more effective and efficient learning.

Mentors can now control their classes, allowing them to personalize the learning experience for their mentees.

Mentors can easily monitor and engage with their mentees during classroom learning.

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Dynamind empowers mentors with a powerful tool to generate engaging classwork assignments for their mentees, enabling them to build a stimulating learning environment.


It helps mentors focus on Progressive learning

Mentees learn more effectively, and it helps mentors better manage their classes

Reduces the time-consuming process of making the classwork for mentees

Less administrative work and more focus on teaching & learning

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Systematically monitoring each mentee's development provides mentors with invaluable insight into the academic progress of their mentees.


Mentors can evaluate mentees' strengths and weaknesses and provide feedback to help them grow

It enables mentees to gauge their position in comparison to their peers

Parents are given information about their child's academic performance

It motivates mentees to enhance their learning abilities

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Dynamind enables mentors to unlock the power of digital education and furnish real-time feedback to mentees in a constructive way for positive learning outcomes.


It offers opportunities for education and development

It is possible to establish a personalized learning conversation between a mentee and a mentor

Mentees can immediately determine if they are falling behind in their studies and attempt to catch up

Mentee evaluation of their work will improve as they obtain more feedback

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Dynamind allows mentors to evaluate a mentee's progress while giving them instant corrective actions powered by AI to work on for better learning.


It helps mentees to work on their problem areas and improve

It aims to improve the skills and abilities of every mentee

It improves the overall academic performance of a mentee

It helps mentors to focus on the problem areas of a mentee

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Schools will have complete control over the activities in their account, including the development of every stakeholder, thanks to our technology.


It automates routine and recurring processes of the school administration

It supports a flexible learning delivery for every mentee

Schools can monitor mentor’s development throughout the academic year

It empowers the administrative staff to perform their duties efficiently

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Dynamind Provides a Scalable and Data-Driven approach to address the missing cognitive layer in educational System

Changing Lives, Transforming Education

How does Dynamind's learning solution help your school effectively?

Develop Better concentration
skills to sharpen memory

Detailed evaluation of mentees
with a performance report

Create quizzes and assignments
for difficult chapters

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ACCESSIBLE, SAFE, And The BEST Online Education Platform In India


Dynamind’s technology platform has been planned and designed in a way that works on any device, including Laptops, desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones (Smart or not so smart)


The privacy of our community is protected to the fullest extent by Dynamind. Unless specifically requested to be made public, your school's information stays within the school.


Dynamind is planned in such a way that offers numerous benefits to every stakeholder involved. With many benefits in the pipeline, makes Dynamind the ideal partner for schools.

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